Cloud-based, simple to use, easy to deploy, priced to fit your budget.

Cutting-Edge Post-Promotion Evaluation Software to Drive Business Decisions

Our Technological History

We built our first proprietary promotion evaluation software application 20 years ago using a platform that would run on a child’s toy today. Technology has surged forward, yet the applications available to perform post-promotion evaluation have lagged well behind.

We set out to produce a cloud-based tool that was easy to use, transparent, tremendously customizable, and ultimately effective in helping organizations understand the net effect of their annual or seasonal trade spend. And we succeeded with PromoEcon™.

What is PromoEcon™

  • It's a cloud-based web application that runs across any device you can throw at it, from computer desktops in corporate offices to internet-connected mobile phones in regional airports.
  • It's transparent so everyone can understand the metrics and calculations, and we provide both on-board help as well as live support to assist when you're overwhelmed.
  • It features both standardized and customized reporting which insures performance and comparison standards.
  • It evaluates promotions the way you plan and sell. By event, with real volume and real costs…in real time.


Tech Highlights

  • Our application is built on an industry leading technology platform supported by some of the best engineers in the world. Our platform provides both security and stability with managed patching and monitoring.
  • It is independent of your other systems and applicantions freeing it to work with any syndicated or scanner data source.
  • We support dedicated hardware in an environment with redundant backbone access, behind a dedicated firewall.
  • Your data is backed up every day, without fail.
  • We provide both a hosted SaaS model, as well as a local deployment strategy when corporate policies require integration with existing internal systems.


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