Easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to deploy

Affordable Trade Promotion Evaluation Tools

PromoEcon™ is a web-based promotion evaluation application that can be run from the cloud or your own internal network. It quickly quantifies how trade promotion affects retail volume and your bottom line. The system evaluates promotions the way you plan and sell them; by event, with real volume and real costs, in real time.

  • 50+ years experience in analytics & applying analytics to the sales function
  • 1,000's of promotions evaluated
  • 30+ years of custom software development experience

Accurate Analytics Combined with Smart Selling Perspective

Our team has a combined 50+ years experience in analytics and applying analytics to the sales and category development functions. PromoEcon™ is designed to evaluate trade events the way you sell them utilizing best practices in data analytics and finance. All run behind a practical application that anyone from your account sales reps up to senior executives can run and understand.

1,000’s of Promotions Evaluated

PromoEcon™ evolved from a need to automate what we've been doing manually for 25 years – our perspective is the same as yours, providing an end result that is transparent, logical and instantaneously usable by all the stakeholders involved in trade promotion investment: sales executives, category management, account representatives and finance.

30+ Years of Development Experience

Trade analytics need to be instantly accessible and reliable. Our developers have put the analytics at the fingertips of all who need it most. Access your latest promotions on your laptop, tablet or smartphone with just a few touches of a button!