About the PromoEcon™ Team

Experts in Trade Promotion Evaluation Analytics

  • The Team

    Each client is supported with a multifunctional team qualified to work effectively with the realities of your business. We consider your current approach to promotion planning, post-promotion evaluation, analytics, the dynamics of your product categories, and the retailers most important to your business when establishing the service team.

  • Analytic Experts

    Our analytic experts have extensive experience working with point-of-sale data. We know the intricacies of every metric and the best practices related to trade promotion. You will be working with people who understand market metrics and the complexities related to capturing the true impact of trade promotion at retail.

    The team has helped numerous CPG companies and retailers attain the financial benefits of more effective and efficient promotional strategies. We have evaluated thousands of events and worked with many of the top-tier companies across market sectors including packaged foods, beverages, healthcare, beauty, general merchandise, and home care.

  • Business Strategy and Retail Execution

    This team understands the realities of trade promotion planning and execution. With experience as sales managers, category managers, account planners and trade marketing professionals, we can help you assess the financial impact of past promotions in the context of strategic business plans, shopper behavior and market dynamics. In addition to our core team, we leverage relationships with a broad network of professionals who have held senior positions with retailers, brokers, research suppliers and manufacturers to support your unique business needs.

  • Software Design and Operations

    Our development team has been working with desktop, mobile, and web platforms for decades, as well as with industry-leading database and analytics technologies. With data and analytics experience ranging from early applications written within the original Microsoft Office automation environment to advanced mobile and responsive website platforms, we boast a capable and dedicated team of programmers and designers who have produced a platform that is both easy to use and easy to understand.