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Do you have a clear view of how trade promotion impacts sales and your bottom line?
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Use Your Time and Talent Driving Better Results, Not Struggling to Analyze Past Promotions

  • Promotion Evaluation Software

  • Easy to access and simple to master
  • Exceptional performance on any device
  • Supports all channels and types of POS data
  • Fast, easy implementation of web-based tool
  • Affordable, turn-key solution
  • No long term commitment
  • Onsite support and customized training
  • Expert Consulting Services

  • Our experienced team provides actionable analytics to support your business goals
  • Quickly identify your best promotion practices across products, retailers, and seasons
  • Answer the tough questions in 6 weeks or less
  • Cross functional team that understands the realities of retail
  • Tap into an analytic team that knows the intricacies of POS data and promotion practices

Improving the Economics of Trade Promotion

About PromoEcon™

PromoEcon™ quantifies how trade promotion impacts retail sales and your bottom line.

Smart, Swift, and Secure

Now you can evaluate trade events the way your plan them – by event, with real volume and real costs, in real time. This practical application supports every function with relevant reports and the right performance metrics.

Rapid rollout and scalable implementation.

Secure, hosted solution that controls user-specific access to data and reports.

Actionable Intelligence in the Palm of Your Hand. Anywhere, Any Time.

PromoEcon™ works exceptionally well on every device. So you can check the results of your latest promotion – on the plane, in the lobby, or at the buyers desk.
PromoEcon can be viewed on any device at any time.

What Are People Saying about PromoEcon™?

"This evaluates promotions right. By event, with real volume and real costs." - V.P. of Sales

"This will change the conversation. These are the metrics that really matter." - Finance Director, Drug Chain

"I’ve seen a lot of systems. This one is logical, easy to use, really terrific." - V.P. of Sales

"My job would be so much easier with PromoEcon™."
Trade Analyst