Improving the Economics of Trade Promotion

Spend your time driving better results, not struggling to analyze past promotions.

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  • Affordable Trade Promotion Evaluation for CPG Companies

    PromoEcon™ is the fast, easy way to get an accurate view of how trade promotion affects retail volume and your bottom line. Our trade promotion evaluation tool works alongside your current TPM software to help you answer the tough questions. Determine price points that work, uncover hidden ROI, and do so in days, not the many months that you’d expect with enterprise-level promotion evaluation software. Easy to access and simple to master, PromoEcon™ is a trade promotion analytics application that helps you quickly identify your best promotion practices across retailers, products, programs and seasons.

For a Clear Picture of Your Trade Promotion Performance

  • Find the best path to success with a clear view of promotional volume, lift, and ROI

Spend Your Time Driving Better Results, Not Struggling to Analyze Past Promotions

How do you develop a more effective trade promotion strategy? By understanding the impact of past promotions on retail sales and your bottom line. We provide on-site support and customized training to help educate, administer, and implement your successful trade promotion strategy.